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Why Muslim Estate

1. Built by Experts

Thoroughly vetted solutions built by experts in Islamic law and estate planning and leading Silicon Valley engineers.

Built by Experts

2. Confident Planning

Unique guided interviews help you plan ahead for when you need help the most (e.g., marriage, incapacity, death, etc.) in accordance with our faith

Confident Planning

3. Privacy Focused

By utilizing advanced data security and encryption tools, we prioritize the safeguarding of your sensitive information. And we’ll never sell your data.


Our Services

Islamic Will

Designate guardians for minor children, someone to manage your affairs, and how to distribute your assets correctly

Islamic Inheritance Calculator

Learn who inherits from you under Islamic Inheritance Law

Islamic Advance Directive

Name healthcare agents and sharia compliant end of life care preferances

Islamic Revocable Trust

Bypass the probate court system entirely by creating a trust

About Us

Built by experts. Our team consists of graduates from top American law schools, training in classical Islamic law, and Silicon Valley technical talent.

Founded by Yaser Ali - A graduate of Harvard University and UC Berkeley School of Law, Hafiz Yaser Ali J.D. is uniquely qualified to synthesize Islamic legal issues in a modern American context. He specializes in providing Shariah-compliant estate and business planning solutions to Muslim clients around the United States. He co-authored Estate Planning for the Muslim client published by the American Bar Association.

Looking for a more comprehensive estate plan? Schedule a consultation with Yaser to discuss your needs

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This video covers the basics to help you get familiar with Islamic estate planning.

How It Works

1. Complete the interview

Answer basic questions about you, your family, your finances, and preferred agents. We’ll do the rest.

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2. Get Your Will

Our customized tool will calculate how much each of your beneficiaries should receive under Islamic law and produce a state specific Will

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3. Make it Legally Valid

Print the document and follow the signing instructions to make sure its legally valid. Come back later if you need the edits

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